7 Million disposable cups are thrown away in the UK each day. In a year, it’s enough to encircle the world 5 and a half times*

What Is This Campaign About? 

Oxfordshire is one of the counties leading the way when it comes to waste management and environmental preservation. ‘Keep it Green for Oxfordshire’ is a campaign that aims to promote the use of reusable coffee cups, to tackle the current wasteful single-use culture and to celebrate and preserve the county’s beautiful countryside.

The mugs are being sold by local coffee company Beanbags Coffee who are donating all profits to Wild Oxfordshire, a charity who act as an umbrella organisation for all the fantastic environmental initiatives that take place in the county.

*Take a Look at the Government's 2018 Disposable Packaging Study For More. 

Start Selling the Mugs

 If you’re a cafe wanting to start selling these mugs and do your bit for the environment...


Buy Mugs Here Call 01844 339828


Minimum order is 10 units which will come with a free window sticker to show your support for the campaign.

It’s up to you how much you sell the cups for, we’d recommend £7 a unit. You can then decide how much of your profits you’d like to donate to Wild Oxfordshire.

Beanbags Coffee

About Beanbags Coffee

We’ve been supplying Artisan Coffee Beans to cafes, coffee shops, bars, restaurants and educational sites in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire since 2002. 

In that time, the coffee sector has gone from strength to strength and we’ve endeavoured to deliver the highest possible quality to our clients so they can continue to 'wow' their increasingly savvy customer-base.

Our team share over 30 years of experience within the hospitality sector and are perfectly placed to understand what works and what doesn’t.

So if you’re wanting beans, and we believe ours are up there with the best; require cafe supplies delivered right to you; or if you need to upgrade or fix your equipment; then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Wild Oxfordshire

About Wild Oxfordshire

Wild Oxfordshire is a local charity who deliver a co-ordinated and strategic approach to nature conservation in Oxfordshire. 

At the heart of our work lie community groups who volunteer their time and energy to promote and enhance the biodiversity of Oxfordshire’s wildlife habitats and to increase access to them for others. By providing support and encouraging environmental organisations and volunteers to work together, Wild Oxfordshire is already the catalyst for solutions that benefit wildlife within our rich and vibrant county and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Current projects include saving our bees and other pollinators and improving the quality of the River Evenlode for people and wildlife.

Please Consider Donating So That Wild Oxfordshire Can Continue Their Great Work

Currently Supporting the Campaign

John Radcliffe Hospital

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

Oxford Friends of the Earth

Oxford Friends of the Earth

Cafe Loco

Cafe Loco, Oxford

Oxford Museum Gift Shop

Oxford Museum Gift Shop